King Paving & Construction Company is committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment in which employees, subcontractors and suppliers may work efficiently, without risk of accident or injury to themselves or to the public.

At King Paving & Construction Company, Health & Safety is always the number one priority, and is of the utmost importance in how business is conducted. King is dedicated to preventing injuries and illnesses through Health & Safety education and training. The significance of the thorough Health & Safety Program and the promotion of an accident free work environment is paramount.

Occupational Health & Safety

King Paving & Construction Company has a Health & Safety Program that provides guidance and support regarding all aspects of Health & Safety.  This program ensures that the Company maintains an educated and informed work force and that all requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act are observed. From Senior Management to Supervisors to workers, everyone within the Company is committed to a positive safety culture.

Safety Awards

    Future Safety Awards for King Truck Centre coming soon!

To contact the KING Truck Centre and inquire about the Health & Safety Program, e-mail or visit the Contact Us page.